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Rustico for sale 150 m² - Camporosso

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Property ID : imp-41974a

For Sale €  197.000 - Build or renovate, Building lot, Rustico

On an almost magical place in Camporosso we have this beautiful 400 year old to be renovated Rustico 150 m² for sale.

The rustico consists of two floors 75 m² of each with on the ground floor several storage rooms. The exterior walls are in very good condition.
It is possible to build a extra house because of the plot size. The location and house are perfect for a B&B or agriturismo.
The plot is 40.000 m² in size with 350 oil producing olive trees.

Fantastic investment as holiday home, B&B or agriturismo.

Summary of the Rustico for sale 150 m²:

  • Olive orchard
  • Irrigation reservoir for 15.000 liter water
  • Internet

Distances from Camporosso (city centre) to:

  • Airport Nice: ca. 54 km
  • France (Menton) : ca. 16 km
  • Monaco : ca. 25 km
  • Nearest Italian city’s : Ventimiglia ca. 5 km / San Remo ca. 18km
  • Ski area Limone Piemonte : ca. 69 km
  • Sea/beach : ca. 4 km
(Disclaimer: Although we carefully proceed, the above description is an impression of the facilities and details of the object which are not necessarily correct. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.)

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