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Lot for sale 10000 m² - Ventimiglia

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Property ID : imp-41851A

For Sale €  700.000 - Build or renovate, Building lot

Close to the Castel d’Appio (Ventimiglia) we have this large lot for sale 10000 m² against a very interesting price. Ventimiglia (French: Vintimille), sometimes rendered XXmiglia, is a town in the province of Imperia, Liguria, northern Italy, on the Gulf of Genoa. The city is very close to the border with France on the estuary of the River Roia. The name of the city is derived from the distance to the then French border 20 miles (20,000 strides, double passes are meant)

An old “rustico” to be demolished is present on the lot and could be replaced by a villa or mansion of 300 m² to your wishes.
The lot exists of several very flat terraces which is a unique opportunity for a swimming pool or a tennis court. The building lot offers a great wide view on the Mediterranean Sea to the south and on Ventimiglia to the south east. North your looking on the small village of Bevera with the Ligurian Apennines in the background.
Off course you want to build your dream house on this plot, maybe with a swimming pool, tennis court or something else. Liguria Estate has specialized over the past 10 years in acquiring local permits, constructions and renovations, Project Management and other necessary work. We are happy to serve you!
We have a cooperation with a creative architect for the most beautiful designs of your dream house.
If it concerns a second home for you regard what you want exclusively occupy or rent as return on investment, you can outsource the management to us. We optionally provide rental services and act as caretaker/concierge.

Summary of the lot for sale 10000 m²:


  • Wide large terraces
  • Small forest

Distances from Ventimiglia (city centre) to:

  • France (Menton) : ca. 11 km
  • Monaco : ca. 20 km
  • Nearest Italian city : San Remo ca. 16 km
  • Sea / beach : ca. 5 km
(Disclaimer: Although we carefully proceed, the above description is an impression of the facilities and details of the object which are not necessarily correct. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.)

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