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Townhouse for sale 320 m²

Perinaldo townhouse for sale 320 imp 43034 06
For Sale
€  310.000 - B&B, Build or renovate, Hospitality, House, Townhouse

In Perinaldo we offer this fantastic townhouse for sale 320 m². The house is over four hundred years old and you feel that in every…

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320 m² 15 Bedrooms

Villa for sale 400 m²

Villa for sale 400 imp 42041 45
For Sale
€  897.000 - B&B, Hospitality, Villa

Situated at a wonderful location above Camporosso, we offer this beautiful villa for sale 400 m². Accessible by a solemn gate of wrought iron and…

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8000 m² 5 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms

Hotel for sale 969 m²

hotel for sale 969 m² liguria imp-41983 1
For Sale
€  450.000 - Hospitality, Hotel, Villa

Near Verdeggia we have this former hotel for sale 969 m².  The whole is completely furnished and has heating and air conditioning. Off course the…

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4193 m² 10 Bedrooms 10 Bathrooms

Villa for sale 1000 m²

villa for sale 1000 m² liguria imp-41913a 3
For Sale
€  4.500.000 - Hospitality, Hotel, House, Villa

In Bordighera we have this magnificent luxurious villa for sale 1000 m². It is a former hotel and particularly suited to be reinstated as such.…

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500 m² 6 Bedrooms 7 Bathrooms 1 Garage

Apartment for sale 140 m²

apartment for sale 140 m² liguria imp-41967a 32
For Sale
€  395.000 - Apartment, B&B, Hospitality

In the idyllic principality of Seborga we offer this apartment for sale 140 m². It is being used as a “bed and breakfast” and is…

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4 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms

Mansion for sale 360 m²

mansion for sale 360 m² liguria imp-41902a 4
For Sale
€  8.000.000 - Bar - restaurant, Estate, Hospitality, House, Mansion

In Camporosso we have this magnificent mansion for sale 800 m² with a restaurant, guest rooms and 20.000 m² of land. This beautiful property is…

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32000 m² 9 Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms

Apartments for sale 105 m² (2x)

apartment for sale 105 m² liguria imp-41874A 17
For Sale
€  260.000 - Apartment, B&B, Hospitality

In the romantic historic medieval town of Apricale, one of Italy’s loveliest cities, are these two beautiful independent apartments for sale 105 m². Apricale is…

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2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

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